Тема: Mathematical Reasoning™ Series - The Critical Thinking.

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Critical thinking is looking at multiple sources. The overwhelming majority of climate SCIENTISTS say there is climate change./1

Honest and humble self-critical thinking is necessary to see one’s own shadow and usually well-hidden narcissism. Richard Rohr

Showbiz is always the IsH. It business and fun plus critical thinking of next moves / sleepless night.

Well, you don t say HOW they are connected, nor provide a picture. I will assume they are connected on rectangular faces. Each pentagonal prism has 10 vertices, 5 on the base and 5 on the top. So 51 of them, not connected, would have 51*10 = 510 vertices. Now when you connect two rectangles together, what was 8 vertices (4 for each rectangle) becomes just 4 vertices. That means you lose 4 for each two prisms that are glued together. But there are 50 such places where they are glued (if there were two prisms they would be glued in 1 place, if there were 3 prisms they would be glued in 2 places, etc, so for 51 prisms they are glued in 50 places. So, the number of vertices lost by gluing is 50*4 = 200. This means the total number of vertices of the connected prisms is: 51*10 - 50*4 = 510 - 200 = 310. That is how I would count them. But the answer given counted them in a harder way getting: (10+6*(51-1)) = 310 (same answer, different counting method. Lets see if we can figure out what they did. They reasoned: start with 1 prism, or 10 vertices. Now when you glue one to it you don t add 10 because 4 will be lost when the gluing happens, so you just add 6 for each one you glue. But you glue 50 prisms, one at a time onto that original prism. So the total number of vertices you end up with is: 10 + 6 + 6 + 6 +6 +.. + 6 Where there are 51-1 = 50 of the 6 s being added. So the answer is: 10 + 6*(51-1) = 10 + 6*50 = 10 + 300 = 310 vertices in all.

Common sense and critical thinking seems to be at an all-time low.

Philosophy, physics, chemistry, history, economics, literature, psychology, sociology, and almost any other subject. Whenever you are asked to analyze, criticize, evaluate, interpret, and argue, you are using critical thinking skills.


I"ve been doing a lot of critical thinking lately that has been helping me find peace with myself my situations lately, I"m so thankful.

You should be more concerned about your lack of critical thinking skills than you are about me. Consider your idiocy muted.

Teach them critical thinking.

Yet another droid who never lets critical thinking get in the way of an agenda.


In other words, the same critical thinking logic that all of the elitist trash in the anime community relies on.


Every single person here if you watch the video + then come back and tell me what you think that would be critical thinking. Not insults.

Show me your critical thinking and I"ll do in kind. I don"t need to put energy out. I"ve already done it. You"re the one needing to research


You should take the first offer -- you ll be a millionaire! 1. Assuming a 30-day month: .01 +.02 +. =.01(1 + 2 + 2^2 + 2^3 +. + 2^29) =.01 (2^30 - 1) = 10,737,418.23 2. A = Pe^(rt), where P is the principal ($250), r = rate (.05), and t = time (1/4 of a year). A = 250e^(.05/4) = 253.14


A productive society cannot be pursued without critical thinking.


These students may finally learn some critical thinking skills.