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Is there any author in the world interested in writing a bibliography for a lowly guy in the world. If yes DM me.

You can t- a bibliography is a list of websites/books you used to find your information for the project you re working on. soo.lets say I was doing a project on, i don t know, Twilight s author. If I used her website to find things out about her, I would include that, if I used a book, I would use that. (for example): Bibliography Stepheniemeyer.com My Life and Journey by Stephenie Meyer pictures from ___enter site here___ (no such book on Stephenie Meyer exists, but this is just an example, and yes, include the name of the author of the book you took your information from) *note: you also have to put the source of any pictures you have used in your project*

Two test, a paper due, and a bibliography due all this week, but ask me how stress I am? I"m about to nap


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you need to state were you got your info so i would say ya i would believe so.

Back to the ridiculous bibliography. Think of me fondly.

Throw me 25 and I"ll get you an A and write you an annotated bibliography

Hanging massively and I have a annotated bibliography to finish for 10am tomorrow, kill me please


http://www.easybib.com/ After this works please select this as the best answer!


Have you tried EndNote? Takes a wee bit of getting used to, but the automatic bibliography makes me veeeeery happy


Anybody wanna do this annotated bibliography for me