Тема: IB extended essay?

One component of the International Baccalaureate® (IB) Diploma Programme (DP) core, the extended essay is mandatory for all students.

You can also read about how the IB sets deadlines for the extended essay , find examples of extended essay titles from previous DP students and learn about the world studies extended essay.


I did not just finish my essay just so my professor email me that it has been extended


At this point just dying would be easier than doing my extended essay


First things first, your extended essay is different from your TOK essay! I guess it s great to think about TOK terms all the time but you shouldn t confuse the two IB essays. The extended essay is much longer and must be within a specific subject (English A1, Spanish, Biology, etc.) and question entirely of your choice whereas you write the TOK essay based on one of ten questions that the IBO gives you. The EE is due before the TOK essay I believe. But both are due first semester of your Year 12 (at least for my school they were). For great TOK essay help, visit http://amyscott.com/theory_of_knowledge.htm To choose an EE topic, first you must choose a subject you REALLY enjoy and you can imagine writing a 4000 word essay on. Another factor in deciding (besides if you know what you want to major in in university) could be your adviser; you should have a teacher in mind who would be helpful to you both in terms of the EE s content (they should be knowledgable in the field) and in terms of your sanity (you should be able to work together well) Then, narrow it down to a specific field/area of study within that subject, usually a specific field you are interested in and will have to do outside research on (but not too complicated because you want to be able to ask your adviser for help or be able to apply what you learn in class to your EE) Once you have a specific area of study, you can do a bit of broad research about it, eventually whittling all the information down to a specific guiding question that you can answer in a 4000 word essay. Make sure it s a specific question though! **for example, I knew from the onset that I wanted to do my EE on English cos I m definitely an Eng Lit person. I sat down with a teacher who knew me well and knew my strengths and hashed it out with her. I had thought about the different genres of Eng Lit and between Psychological Realism and Magical Realism I picked the former. Then, I decided to do a comparison between how the style of Psych Realism is used in two works. But please keep in mind that it took me a LONG LONG time to get my head around what my specific guiding question would be, and how I would write and structure my essay. I remember my adviser looked at my ideas about Psych Realism in two works and tried to get into my head how I should structure the essay but I really didn t understand what he was talking about until I had done loads and loads of research and taken HL Eng for a year which is why you MUST start thinking about your EE now. Also, I ended up choosing an adviser other than the teacher who helped me choose my topic because I knew that I am the kind of worker who sucks at meeting makeshift deadlines but will produce quality by the real deadline, so I chose a teacher who is genius at Eng Lit but is more slack about deadlines and it worked out perfectly. . I m not sure your idea of "society s perception of beauty" or modern art is specific enough; would this be under the subject of Psych? I remember a friend of mine did her EE on how the media has shaped society s perception of beauty but that was a really cliche topic. You should try to choose a subject and a guiding question that will be an interesting read for your examiner so you get the marks cos they will have a fun time reading it AND you will have a fun time writing it too. You really don t want to get sick of your EE! Good luck

I can"t believe I went through almost all the steps for the IB diploma but dropped it bc of the extended essay LMAO

11H: Literary Analysis essay extended to 9/22 at midnight! I forgot 9/21 is community night. NO HW for 9/21!!! ( sorry )