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The reason(S)for soil errosion in the UK can be found in many aspects. There is NO one singular cause that is creating all the mess. http://www.smallestspace.com/green/cat_environment.html is a site that has many items of interest, but taken as a total, it does point up the fact that the isle of Britain is indeed in an environmental trouble zone. In scrolling through the presentation, you find indicators of population growth, farming practices, increased pesticides, and declines in many insect spieces that are food sources, and necessary for pollination. Conversely, two bird spieces that LIKE to be around man, are increasing in numbers, and are basically seed eaters. This points to loss of plant repoduction, post germination stage. http://www.nal.usda.gov/afsic/AFSIC_pubs/srb9705u.htm is a site that deals in general associated problems with your subject. It is meant for the USA, but when coupled with the previous web site, it supports many of the charges of impending requirements of man to re-adjust his demands upon the natural order. Empirically, eastern Britain is subject to the severe winds and cold of the Arctic via the northern Atlantic, and the North Sea. This explains the storminess of the English Channel. Since, much of the population expansion on Britain is on the eastern side, agricultural land is siezed for residential and industrial usage. This causes drainange problems. The loss of drain "pools", or absorbant ground forces the excess water into channels that are already beyond capacity. Speaking from personal knowledge, a shopping plaza wanted to expand its size, and parking area. The number of stores was not the problem, but the parking lot. It turns out that for every acre of ground put under black top, that means 27,100 GALLONS of water NEED to taken away. That is for only ONE INCH depth of rain. In the natural order, most went into streams, and the rest was absorbed by the ground. With black top, the extra water NEEDS some place to go. For the plaza, and surrounding area, a FLOOD!! The parking area remains the same size as it was, and no NEW develpoment is allowed in that sector. But, they DO have occassional flooding that is damaging to goods and property alike. For the UK, you have an even smaller scale for the same problems that could occur on the bigger scale as in the USA. That means that the effect in Britain will be that much worse. This should help you out, but you MUST read both sites to get a good understanding of the answer you need.

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