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A good example would be a public (government) school, and private school. Government schools are subsidized or funded by the government, private schools are are owned and operated by private individuals and/or investors. Private business, including schools, must produce results and profits. Therefore costs must be effective in producing positive results. They must also compete with other private schools. Success of private schools is measured by continuing enrollment. People not satisfied will take their children out of private school. They also must out perform public school, otherwise parents have no incentive to pay extra for private school. Private schools that cannot keep their classrooms full. lose money, and investors will pull out and close the school Success of public schools is determined by government set standards, which can be adjusted to meet standards to satisfy taxpayers. There is no profit motive. The investment in public schools is based upon the success of a better educated society, rather than profit.

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Good communication is important because if couldn’t communicated effectively then people wouldn’t understand and interpret or they can misinterpret and can do silly mistakes. Communication acts as salvation for any company. Similar to the spinal cord, as it sends signals to the entire body and so is communication to an organization. Effectual communication can help in running things smoothly and messages are sent and received as planned. There may be difference in opinion but the company can discuss it and can solve the problem because the lines of communication are same and open. Communication is some what like a dance in which each partner plays off the other, placing his or her moves on the other, while at the same time keeping a certain amount of uniqueness. Good communication is important to let others know about the ideas or feelings without hurting them. It is a two-way communication procedure. If one tries to make it one-way then he stops the exchange of ideas and ultimately frustrates the other person. Good communication helps in conveying the right message at right time without any frustration and misunderstanding.

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