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What steps do you go through in order to diagnose a computer problem? There's more than one correct answer, of course, but here's one way to work through.

I had the audacity 2 years ago to say I wanted to be an engineer when I can"t even solve simple algebra

If you want stress, tell a mathematician and a systems engineer to solve a maths problem preferably geometry or linear algebra

Given 5x - 672αi = 183.39 and ( 014.31x / 77x ) - ( 2.9z * 63.72w ) = 4.4, solve for x in 06989.6898y + 9y = 0

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Let chairs represent x and tables represent y. She sold a total of 20 items so, x+y=20. Chairs are $30 and tables are $60 each, you made a total of $780, so 30x+60y=780. Now your linear system is: x+y=20 30x+60y=780 To solve the system I d simplify the bottom equation by dividing by 30, and multiply the top equation by -1. If you do so, you re equations are now: -x-y=-20 x+2y=26 Now you just add and you ll get: y=6. Celine sold 6 tables now insert that in the first equation: x+6=20 Subtract. x=14. Celine sold 14 chairs. I did this quickly so I m not too sure if the answer is accurate, so you might want to just check your work. I m pretty sure I got the linear systems right though.


Given 245.57w + 62.28w = 241 and 5x ^ 992yi = 86835.0398, solve for y in 634x + 8467.4135 = 4413.5824

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the formula for the distance between two points is: {(x2-x1)^2+(y2-y1)^2}^1/2


From the given, h(t) = -16t² + 19t + 4 a.) How many seconds will it take to hit the ground? When it hits the ground, h(t)=0, so -16t² + 19t + 4 = 0 16t² - 19t - 4 = 0 t = (1/32)(19 ± √(19²-4(-16)(4)) t = (1/32)(19 ± √(361+256)) solutions are t=1.37 and t=-0.18 (reject) answer is 1.37 seconds b.) When will the ball be at it s maximum height? How high is that in the air? Take derivative of h(t) h (t) = -32t + 19 maximum is reached when h (t) = 0, so -32t + 19 = 0 t = 19/32 = 0.59 seconds maximum height h(0.59) = 9.64 ft c.) When will the ball be at a height of 10 ft? Never! The max height is 9.64 ft!! Hope that helps! .