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Some don"t even pick up a difficult book in college.

see how much they cost tuition and fees, see the ratio of who graduates and comes out with a job. Ask yourself would you prefer a college that is big where everyone really does not know everyone or a small college were it is very intimate and like a community. Or you can go to a school like i do where it is just right big enough that i do not know certain people and small enough were i get that family atmosphere that i really like. If you like to hustle and bustle then a big college would be right for you. You want to stay up north maybe Rutgers or NYU

First thing to have is a calendar/day planner or equivalent. Every time an instructor sets a date for an assignment to be submitted enter that date on your calendar. Keep a calendar on the wall of your room - copy all these dates onto that calendar whenever a new one has been assigned. This way you have it down twice - in case something happens to the calendar you carry. Always take notes. Mark notes you deem to be important from the start and edit these as you become familiar with course material and instructor(s).

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I graduated from college as an A

Good evening Manatee Technical College! It"s 88.0 F. Tonight: Chance of a Thunderstorm, Low: 73 F, chance of rain 60%.

Milestone watch: Saquon Barkley needs 105 yards to move into a tie for 8th all time in rushing, 121 for tie at 7th and 395 for 6th.


You don t have to get a Masters in anything in order to become a psychiatrist. The steps to becoming a psychiatrist are (1) Get a Bachelors Degree in any major you choose; (2) Get accepted to and attend Medical School; (3) Complete your Residency; (4) Become licensed to practice. So your focus now should be choosing an undergrad school to earn your bachelors. Your first step in selecting a school is to sit down with your parents and have a serious talk about how much they are able/willing to pay for your education. If they re loaded and can afford to pay 60k a year for your undergrad and then an additional $300,000+ for your medical school, then you can choose any school you want with no concern about cost. However, if they have limited funds to pay for school, you ll likely need to take out loans at some point, so you ll need to choose your undergrad college wisely. Medical school is very expensive, so it s very unwise to rack up a ton of debt before you even get there. You should the best school you can afford with as little debt as possible. Your in-state public schools will be your least expensive choices. Out-of-state publics will be more expensive, and private schools will be even more costly. However, many private schools offer generous merit scholarships to their top applicants, which can make them as affordable as your state schools. If you are a top-notch student wanting to keep costs down, don t apply to ultra competitive schools like Princeton or Columbia, where you re unlikely to get a scholarship. Apply to less competitive schools where your stats will put you at the top of the applicant pool, where you have a chance at substantial merit scholarships. Once you know how much you can afford, and which schools will be likely to accept you, you should consider other factors such as: Location - Do you want to be close to home, or are you okay going far away? Is there a certain part of the country you d prefer, or a certain climate? Would prefer to be in or near a big city, in a suburban area, or a rural area with a quaint college town? Size - Do you want a big school, a medium-sized one, or a small, intimate one? What about class sizes? Are you okay with huge lecture halls with 300+ students, or would you prefer small classes where you can participate in class discussions and get to know your professor personally? Atmosphere - Is it important that your college have a big-time sports program with lots of rah-rah school spirit? A school with lots of focus on the arts? A place where there s lots of things to do on campus, or a place where most students do their own thing on the weekends? Academic Match - Do you like being one of the smartest people in class, or do you prefer to be surrounded by students who challenge you intellectually? Recreations Opportunities - do you have any hobbies or special interests that you d like to continue during college, such as skiing, hiking and outdoorsy activities, or attending cultural events like plays and art shows? Which schools offer those opportunities? These are just a few things to consider when looking for an undergraduate college. They are just as important as whether the school offers the major you re looking for. and they re MUCH more important than a school s ranking or prestige.

Haircut? He is the quintessential college professor of the new era. 50 yrs ago a geek like this would be slapped up on general principles.


Had BBQ/mango marinated pork loin with broccoli and baked potato for dinner. Now time for some college football and a little euchre later.

Good evening Tallahassee Community College! It"s 78.0 F. Tonight: Chance of a Thunderstorm, Low: 70 F, chance of rain 30%.


Can come make food for me I"m just a poor college student with zero ability to cook


Just dropped our daughter of for her 1st year of college. Expected to be sad, and was a little, but she is so happy and so ready


Next time come to a Paris college ( more likely mine ) which is La Sorbonne pls so we can have fun too