Тема: Clinical Information for Quell

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Writing a legit research paper in my sociology class and it might be one of the hardest things I"ve done in college

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Yes, that would be fine.

Did you understand the material? Can you ask interesting questions about it? Can you write a good research paper?

Someone motivate me to finish my research paper

I do have a hypothesis that you may wish to consider. Watergate was a setup by extreme right wing forces such as th China Lobby but executed by the left wing liberals and the` media. ou have to be aware that the hypothesis is rather unconventional and against the grain of acepted truth. I hit upon this idea as the circumstances surrounding Watergate did not ring tue to me. If we are to get at the truth we must answers to the following questions: Why were the culprits arrested at the THIRD attempt to break into Watergate? Why did the $100 dollar bills have consecutive serial numbers? Why were Howard Hunt’s details in the address books of TWO of the four arrested Cubans? Are the raiders professional ex-CIA operatives? Why such bizzare behaviour that pointed tothe Nixon White House? There was a coup attempt in China to prevent the rapprochement. Could the same have happened in the US? Why were the leaks of ‘Deep Throat’ regarded as the gospel truth? What has Richard Dawkin’s memes got to do with Watergate? Why would Nixon pass the FEC Act if he was such a bad egg? Why would Nixon order the Watergate raid when he was already 26 points ahead of Senator McGovern? Was Watergate a set-up or a cock-up? Why was the press out to crucify him? The enormity of Nixon’s achievement indicates that it had to be a set-up by those who opposed his policy which had to be secret to succeed There are tons of material out there, but they cause distractions from the key issues. Find answers to them and everything falls into place without having to wade through mostly junk anyway.

Finally done with the research paper