Тема: NEED HELP emergency in physics homework! ten points!?

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Ch: 32 was a big help while trying to do my peer review

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Hi, We re going to look at the sum and difference of perfect cubes. Again always look first for a GCF. If there is one, factor it out. Perfect cube problems will always factor into a binomial times a trinomial, like this: x³ + 125 = (x + 5)(x² - 5x + 25) The general rule for these is: 1) Factor out a GCF if there is one. 2) Make 2 parentheses for a binomial and a trinomial. 3) The sign from the problem goes in the binomial. The opposite sign from what you just used goes in the trinomial, and is always followed by a "+" as the second sign in the trinomial. This is the only step where what you do is different on the sum of cubes from on the difference of cubes. 4) Figure out what you would cube to get the first term of the problem and put that expression as the first term of your binomial. Then figure out what you would cube to get the second term of the problem and put that expression as the second term of your binomial. 5) Your trinomial already has its signs, so don t worry about the signs. To find terms of the trinomial, write the first term of your binomial 3 times followed by the second term of your binomial 3 times out to the side. Multiply the first 2 things together to get the trinomial s first term. Multiply the next 2 things together to get the trinomial s middle term. Multiply the last 2 things together to get the trinomial s third term. So for, 64x³ + 1, there is no GCF. Parentheses would be ( + )( - + ) To get 64x³, you d cube 4x. To get 1, you d cube 1. So your binomial becomes (4x + 1)( - + ) Now write 4x 4x 4x 1 1 1 4x*4x = 16x² 4x*1 = 4x 1*1 = 1 So your trinomial becomes (4x + 1)(16x² - 4x + 1) Here s another example. For x³ + 125, there is no GCF. Parentheses would be ( + )( - + ) To get x³, you d cube x. To get 125, you d cube 5. So your binomial becomes (x + 5)( - + ) Now write x x x 5 5 5 x*x = x² x*5 = 5x 5*5 = 25 So your trinomial becomes (x + 5)(x² - 5x + 25) And here s another example: So for 8x³ - 27y³, there is no GCF Parentheses would be ( - )( + + ) To get 8x³, you d cube 2x. To get 27y³, you d cube 3y. So your binomial becomes (2x - 3y)( + + ) Now write 2x 2x 2x 3y 3y 3y 2x*2x = 4x² 2x*3y = 6xy 3y*3y = 9y² So your trinomial becomes (2x - 3y)(4x² + 6xy + 9y²) I hope that helps!! :-)


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This answer is not on the internet. I can t even find a decent summary of the book, let alone specifics. (One interesting thing is that for the most part the book did not get good reviews.the character development was considered poor).

x^2+2x-4 = 0 x^2+2x = 4 Divide the coefficient of x (which is 2) by 2 (you get 1) and square this number (you get 1). Add the resulting number to both sides of the equation. x^2+2x +1 = 4+1 = 5 We solve for x. The left side is now a perfect square trinomial. Factor the left side: (x+1)^2 = 5 Get the sqrt of both sides: x+1 = +/-sqrt5 x = (+/-sqrt5) - 1 5(2x)^3 / (2y)^2 = 5 (8x^3) / 4y^2 =40x^3 / 4y^2 =10x^3 / y^2


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